Classic Trek

On this page you’ll find an archive of all of my posts about the five “classic” Star Trek series – i.e. the shows which have now completed their runs. To clarify, in this instance “classic” means the following: Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, the ten films starring their respective casts, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. Your definition of “classic” may vary, but this distinction is suitable for the sake of the website – at least for now. As I come to write more about each of these shows I’d love to give each series its own permanent page.

I first found my way into the Star Trek fan community with The Next Generation. I watched it during its original broadcast run here in the UK, and that was how I first became a Trekkie! During the early- or mid-90s I went back and watched The Original Series films and at least some of the episodes of the show, before going on to watch Deep Space Nine and Voyager when they aired over here too. The only show I didn’t watch in full at the time was Enterprise, which I saw the premiere of but after that only tuned in sporadically. It wasn’t until collecting the series on DVD that I came to watch it in full, several years after it went off the air.

On this page you may find theories, episode write-ups, connections between classic and modern series, and other such things!

The Original Series

Remembering Nichelle Nichols

“What can be said about Nichelle Nichols that hasn’t already been said over the last few days?”

Great Star Trek villains: General Chang

“A complex villain, whose motives were to continue a conflict that he could simply see no way of bringing to a peaceful end, General Chang is absolutely one of the most interesting and entertaining antagonists in all of Star Trek…”

Aliens of Star Trek: The M-113 Creature

“It’s moments like this, across The Original Series’ early episodes, that set up Star Trek as being something special. There was more to the story of the M-113 Creature than just a horrible monster for our heroes to outsmart…”

Ten great Star Trek episodes – Part 1: The Original Series

“This is the series that spawned all the others, but as the fanbase has grown over time, many self-proclaimed Trekkies aren’t as familiar with The Original Series as they are with the Star Trek shows of the 1990s…”

“Old” versus “New” Star Trek

“I wanted to take a look at the phenomenon for myself and give my thoughts on how the franchise is split, some of the possible causes, and what that split could mean for the franchise going forward into the 2020s and beyond…”

The Next Generation

What If…? Star Trek edition!

“There are more than 800 Star Trek stories at time of writing, meaning that there are literally hundreds of potential scenarios where a different decision or different outcome could have radically changed the Star Trek galaxy…”

Star Trek Day roundup!

“Star Trek Day shone with passion and positivity, and that’s just what the franchise needed as it marked its fifty-fifth birthday…”

Dr Pulaski – a character study

“I found Dr Pulaski an interesting character and a welcome addition to The Next Generation, even though not every aspect of her characterisation succeeded or achieved its intended objectives…”

Five of my favourite Starfleet uniforms

“Aesthetic, colour, and costume style are very much subject to personal taste, and I know there can be a range of opinions on all of these things…”

Star Trek: Picard Season 1 – one year later

“As we hit the first anniversary, I thought it could be a good moment to look back on my remembrances (ha! get it?) of the show as well as what the first season achieved, what it did well, and where it came up short…”

Ten games that I’d remaster (if I could)

“This list is just a fantasy. Some of the games may one day be remastered, but others are so obscure that I may be one of only a handful of people who knew they existed even when they were new!”

Star Trek: The Next Generation re-watch – The Measure of a Man

“I enjoyed going back to The Measure of a Man. I wouldn’t like to guess how many times I’ve seen it already; as with most of the rest of The Next Generation and its spin-offs I’ve watched and re-watched it on a number of occasions…”

What to watch to be ready for Star Trek: Picard

“If you’re new to Star Trek, or haven’t watched any of the older series for a long time, it might be worthwhile to go back and take a look at some of the classics in anticipation of Star Trek: Picard…”

Deep Space Nine

Star Trek 2023: what could it be?

“No information was provided by Paramount Pictures or ViacomCBS about the film other than its June 2023 release date. So it would be foolish to speculate, wouldn’t it?”

It’s time for Deep Space Nine and Voyager to get the HD treatment

“Unfortunately, though, the lack of interest in The Next Generation on Blu-ray has meant that Deep Space Nine and Voyager never made it to the remastering suite. They remain in their original format, in what we’d call “standard definition” or DVD quality…”


Ten 25th Century Star Trek concepts

“If it were up to me, the early 25th Century would probably be the main setting that I’d want to use for the majority of new Star Trek projects…”

Five underappreciated television series

“Some failed to make much of an impact when they were first broadcast and simply fizzled out, others have been eclipsed by other productions made in the years since they went off the air…”

Star Trek: Voyager re-watch – The Haunting of Deck Twelve

“I thought it could be fun to delve into Star Trek’s spooky side for a change! The Haunting of Deck Twelve was the penultimate episode of Voyager’s sixth season, and premiered in the United States on the 17th of May 2000. It’s framed as a campfire ghost story…”

Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force twenty years later

“Most Star Trek games really only appealed to existing fans, and failed to either cross over and win support among a wider gaming audience, or to bring in any new fans. Elite Force was – for a time, at least – an exception to that…”

Ten great Star Trek episodes – Part 4: Voyager

“We’d seen Starfleet ships taken a long way from home before, in episodes like Where No One Has Gone Before, but by the end of the episode they’d always manage to make it home again. Voyager took that storyline but changed it up – leaving the ship and crew stranded on the far side of…


Will we ever see the Suliban or Xindi return?

“One area where I feel the ‘prequel problem’ is noticeable is in terms of two of the main antagonist factions the show introduced: the Suliban and the Xindi…”