Star Trek 2023

In April 2021, a new Star Trek film was announced! Though there are no details at this stage other than a planned release date of the 9th of June 2023, I hope you’ll stay tuned here on the website. Any information we get about a director, cast, setting, theme, storyline, or any other aspect of the film I’ll try to take a look at. And of course, when the time comes I’ll also be looking at any trailers we get, before writing up a review of the film itself!

We literally don’t know anything about Star Trek 2023 yet. Even its title is merely a placeholder. But we’ll come to learn more in time, and when we do I’ll do my best to break down the news and perhaps craft a few theories. If there are more films to come, or if Star Trek 2023 kicks off a new series, I’ll be looking at that as well.

On this page you can find an archive of all of my articles and posts about Star Trek 2023.