Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

In 2022, a fan campaign to bring back Anson Mount as Captain Pike finally paid off – and it did so in style! Strange New Worlds is the series that I consider to be the high-water mark of modern Star Trek, with an absolutely phenomenal first season that harkened back to the franchise’s episodic roots while retaining the production values of the likes of Discovery and Picard.

However, it wasn’t all good news. Strange New Worlds has been massively, catastrophically, and perhaps even fatally harmed by some appalling decision-making at Paramount, leading to the show being cut off from many of the fans who campaigned to make it happen in the first place. Trekkies in much of the world still have no “official” way to access Strange New Worlds, and that’s incredibly disappointing.

A second season has already wrapped and is currently in post-production. If I have time, I’d like to write up reviews of individual Season 1 episodes before it airs.

Season 1 Episode Reviews:

I chose not to write individual episode reviews in 2022 as the series was not “officially” available here in the UK.

Season 1 Buildup:

Strange New Worlds: Thoughts on Captain Pike’s crew

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Factions of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

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Some Star Trek updates for 2021-22

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A few ideas for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

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