Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is the upcoming series led by Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike – the character who debuted in Star Trek’s original 1965 pilot The Cage. After Mount appeared in Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery, fans were incredibly excited at the prospect of a “Captain Pike show,” and a little over a year later the series was announced!

A second season has already entered production, and it seems like Strange New Worlds is going to be a fine addition to the Star Trek franchise. However, at time of writing the series seems destined to be kept away from fans outside of the United States. I had hoped to write individual episode reviews and maybe indulge in a little theory-crafting, but if the show isn’t available I’m afraid I won’t be talking about it here on the website in 2022.

Season 1 Episode Reviews:

I won’t be writing individual episode reviews for Season 1 until they become available internationally.

Season 1 Buildup: