Greatest Hits

This page is my Greatest Hits. These are the pieces I’ve written that I feel are my best work and where I accomplished everything I set out to. Several of them are long-form essays rather than standard articles and posts, and this archive is here so that when they drop off the “most recent articles” on the front page they’ll still be easily accessible. If you’re new to my website, this could either be a great place to start, as this is my best work, or the worst place to start, as many of these pieces are longer than my usual output and kind of unrepresentative of the website as a whole.

Regardless, I hope you’ll check out these articles and essays at some point.

The same rules apply as on the homepage – in order to read the article you’ll have to click or tap on the title or the image, not the little excerpt.

Star Wars needs to move on

“For the franchise to survive long-term and remain viable, it needs to step away from the original trilogy for the first time. New films and shows, whenever they may come, should look at wholly new characters in a setting and even time period that’s distinct from what came before…” Read more Star Wars needs to move on