Star Trek: Lower Decks

Star Trek: Lower Decks is the animated comedy series created by Mike McMahan. Season 1 was scheduled for a 2020 release, but surprised me by queue-jumping Star Trek: Discovery! It ran from August to October 2020. Season 2 kicked off a year later and ran from August to October 2021.

Season 3 is now upon us! Check back every week as I’ll be reviewing each episode while the new season is ongoing.

Season 3 Episode Reviews:

Season 3 Buildup:

I wrote a few pieces about Lower Decks in between Seasons 2 and 3 – i.e. from October 2021 to August 2022. You can find those articles here.

Season 2 Episode Reviews:

Season 2 ran from August to October 2021. You can find reviews for all ten episodes below.

Season 2 Buildup:

In the run-up to Season 2 I wrote a number of articles about Lower Decks, looking back at the first season and discussing news, trailers, and teasers. You can find all of those posts here.

Star Trek news roundup!

“In the last few weeks there have been several of these smaller news stories…”

We’re halfway through 2021!

“I think that makes it a good opportunity to take stock and look ahead to the entertainment experiences that lie before us between now and Christmas…”

Star Trek: Lower Decks – thoughts on the Season 2 teaser

“This time it’s Lower Decks’ turn to go under the microscope! And a microscope seems appropriate considering series creator Mike McMahan called this teaser a ‘microscopic look’ at the upcoming season!”

Some Star Trek updates for 2021-22

“These announcements were interesting, and I feel reasonably confident now that we’ll see three Star Trek shows this year instead of the two I had been expecting, so that’s fantastic!”

23 weeks of Star Trek comes to an end…

“Star Trek feels like it’s in a good place. There are projects in the pipeline that should see the franchise grow and build on what both Discovery and Lower Decks have done over the last 23 weeks…”

Star Trek: Lower Decks is finally getting an international broadcast

“Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 1, which was broadcast in the United States beginning in August, is finally getting an international release. The show will share Star Trek: Picard’s home on Amazon Prime Video from the 22nd of January – with all ten episodes being made available simultaneously on that date…”

Season 1 Episode Reviews:

Season 1 ran from August to October 2020. You can find reviews for each episode below.

Star Trek: Lower Decks review – Season 1, Episode 5: Cupid’s Errant Arrow

“Shows like Friends relied on this style of comedy a lot, where jokes are built around embarrassing and cringeworthy situations, and it’s clearly something that a lot of people find amusing. I hope that at least some of those comedy fans have found their way to Lower Decks by now…”

Season 1 Buildup:

I wrote a number of posts in the run-up to Season 1’s premiere. You can find them below.

Star Trek: Lower Decks and the ethics of piracy

“Is it any surprise that Trekkies outside the US and Canada turned to piracy to access the series? If it’s literally unavailable any other way, and there is radio silence on when it may become available, what choice to fans have?”

Okay ViacomCBS, let’s talk “priorities”

“It’s incredibly galling to hear that ViacomCBS considers its international fans to be ‘a priority’ when everything they’ve done regarding Lower Decks’ broadcast categorically demonstrates that it’s not true…”