The untitled Section 31 series

The currently-untitled Star Trek: Discovery spin-off focusing on shadowy intelligence organisation Section 31 was announced in January 2019 to coincide with the premiere of Discovery’s second season. The series will star Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou as she works as an agent of Section 31.

Georgiou left Discovery toward the end of Season 3, setting the stage for the show in suitably mysterious fashion! Though Strange New Worlds stole the Section 31 series’ thunder, at least somewhat, there is potential for an interesting spy thriller.

Unfortunately it seems as though the Section 31 series is stuck in “development hell” – if it hasn’t been cancelled outright. There has been no news for a couple of years, and some comments made by actors and those on the production side of Star Trek have implied that the show may not be going ahead after all. However, it may yet be granted a reprieve – so watch this space.

Season 1 Buildup:

Ten 25th Century Star Trek concepts

“If it were up to me, the early 25th Century would probably be the main setting that I’d want to use for the majority of new Star Trek projects…”

Did bad timing kill the Section 31 series?

“Had Section 31 been announced not in January 2019 but December 2020, I think we’d have seen a far more positive and excited reaction to the new show…”

I’m beginning to worry about the Section 31 series…

“We haven’t heard much direct news about the planned series, and some of the indirect news we’ve been hearing out of the production side of Star Trek now officially has me worried for the show’s prospects…”

Some Star Trek updates for 2021-22

“These announcements were interesting, and I feel reasonably confident now that we’ll see three Star Trek shows this year instead of the two I had been expecting, so that’s fantastic!”

Star Trek: Discovery theories – week 10

“We’ve reduced the number of theories from last week ever so slightly! As we head into the final three episodes that was bound to happen…”

Star Trek: Discovery theories – week 8

“In terms of theories, The Sanctuary gave us a lot – certainly the most movement we’ve seen in several weeks. There are two theories being retired, two more being debunked, three brand-new ones, and several significant advancements…”

Season 1 Episode Reviews:

Coming 2022? 2023? Let’s just say “coming soon!”