The Next Star Trek Film

There are several scripts for potential new Star Trek films that are supposedly in various stages of development. Paramount jumped the gun and tried to announce a sequel to Star Trek Beyond that would have been due for release in 2023, but that seems to have entirely fallen apart! However, it’s still possible that we’ll see a new Kelvin timeline film – or some other Star Trek project – hit the big screen in the years ahead.

On this page you’ll find an archive of posts about the failed Star Trek 2023 title, as well as any other posts about potential upcoming Star Trek films.

Tarantino Trek: A missed opportunity?

“I might not have enjoyed Tarantino’s film. But I recognise that he’s a talented filmmaker, storyteller, and director…”

Star Trek 2023: Back to the Kelvin Timeline

“One of the more interesting announcements from yesterday’s investor event was the news that Star Trek 2023 is going to involve a return to the Kelvin timeline…”

Star Trek news roundup!

“In the last few weeks there have been several of these smaller news stories…”

Star Trek 2023: what could it be?

“No information was provided by Paramount Pictures or ViacomCBS about the film other than its June 2023 release date. So it would be foolish to speculate, wouldn’t it?”