Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery came along in 2017, and brought the franchise back to the small screen twelve years after the cancellation of Enterprise. I founded Trekking with Dennis in late 2019, so I don’t have reviews of Seasons 1 and 2 right now – but I hope to eventually write up re-watches of all of the episodes. Beginning with Season 3 I have reviewed every episode of the series, and I plan to do so for Season 5, too.

On this page you’ll find an archive of my Discovery episode reviews, fan theories, and plenty of other discussion pieces surrounding the show. A fifth season is in post-production and will premiere in early 2024, so when we get trailers or significant news, I’ll be sure to take a look here. Unfortunately, Season 5 will be the show’s last – Discovery was officially cancelled by Paramount in early 2023.

Season 5 Buildup:

A fifth season of Discovery has been filmed and is now in post-production. You can find all my pre-season articles here!

Season 4 Episode Reviews:

You can find all of my Season 4 episode reviews right here!

Season 4 Theories:

I wrote and updated a theory list while Season 4 was running. You can see how I got on here!

Star Trek: Discovery theories – week 7

“The second half of Season 4 won’t air until the 10th of February, so there was more time than usual to consider the implications of the most recent episode…”

Season 4 Buildup:

I wrote a number of articles in 2021 in between Seasons 3 and 4. Some were looking back at elements from Season 3, others looked ahead to Season 4. You can find all of them here.

We won! Kind of…

“When fans pull together we can do anything. Star Trek’s history is testament to that…”

Should we #BoycottParamountPlus?

“Unfortunately, the way corporations see these kinds of social media campaigns is very dismissive and negative…”

A Trekkie’s dilemma

“I feel sorry for the actors, directors, and the rest of the creative team, because their incredible hard work under difficult circumstances during the pandemic is now soiled by this truly disgusting corporate mess…”

Star Trek Day roundup!

“Star Trek Day shone with passion and positivity, and that’s just what the franchise needed as it marked its fifty-fifth birthday…”

We’re halfway through 2021!

“I think that makes it a good opportunity to take stock and look ahead to the entertainment experiences that lie before us between now and Christmas…”

Star Trek 2023: what could it be?

“No information was provided by Paramount Pictures or ViacomCBS about the film other than its June 2023 release date. So it would be foolish to speculate, wouldn’t it?”

Some Star Trek updates for 2021-22

“These announcements were interesting, and I feel reasonably confident now that we’ll see three Star Trek shows this year instead of the two I had been expecting, so that’s fantastic!”

23 weeks of Star Trek comes to an end…

“Star Trek feels like it’s in a good place. There are projects in the pipeline that should see the franchise grow and build on what both Discovery and Lower Decks have done over the last 23 weeks…”

Season 3 Episode Reviews:

You can find all of my Season 3 episode reviews right here!

Star Trek: Discovery review – Season 3, Episode 5: Die Trying

“Die Trying had some neat callbacks and tie-ins with past iterations of the Star Trek franchise while telling an interesting semi-standalone story for the bulk of its runtime. What we didn’t get was any significant advancement of the overall story of the season…”

Star Trek: Discovery review – Season 3, Episode 3: People of Earth

“Episode three, People of Earth, continued the world-building seen in the first two episodes of the season, but definitely took the story in a darker direction. It also marked what seems to be a significant change in the character of Michael Burnham…”

Star Trek: Discovery review – Season 3, Episode 2: Far From Home

“After a solid start to the season last week, I was hoping for something at least as good this time around – and I wasn’t disappointed. Far From Home was on par with the season premiere, and in many ways was a co-equal half of the season premiere…”

Star Trek: Discovery review – Season 3, Episode 1: That Hope Is You

“Like the premiere of Star Trek: Picard earlier in the year, That Hope Is You builds up slowly and lays a foundation on which the story of the season can build. There was one especially bad line of dialogue, but other than that no colossal negatives to drag it down…”

Season 3 Theories:

I wrote and updated a weekly theory list while Season 3 was running. You can see how I got on here!

Star Trek: Discovery theories – week 11

“Su’kal shook things up in a major way after several weeks where the series made scant progress on its main storyline and attended to side-missions…”

Star Trek: Discovery theories – week 10

“We’ve reduced the number of theories from last week ever so slightly! As we head into the final three episodes that was bound to happen…”

Star Trek: Discovery theories – week 9

“Though a couple of theories we had going into the episode now seem unlikely, we’re also not at a point where we can really consider any debunked, and with no confirmations either, this week the theory list will grow longer!”

Star Trek: Discovery theories – week 8

“In terms of theories, The Sanctuary gave us a lot – certainly the most movement we’ve seen in several weeks. There are two theories being retired, two more being debunked, three brand-new ones, and several significant advancements…”

Star Trek: Discovery theories – week 7

“There were three confirmed theories in Unification III and a couple of new ones as we head into episode 8 later this week. I’m also retiring one theory that, while not officially “debunked,” now seems unlikely because of the way the story has shifted…”

Star Trek: Discovery theories – week 6

“Scavengers gave us a handful of new theories to work with as we enter the second half of the season, as well as debunking one theory and confirming another…”

Star Trek: Discovery theories – week 5

“Those are the theories I currently have in play as we approach episode six. Are all of them nonsense? Or am I missing a different theory that seems painfully obvious? It wouldn’t be the first time!”

Star Trek: Discovery theories – week 4

“From a theory-crafting point of view, Forget Me Not didn’t offer up very many new possibilities. It did, however, debunk one theory and confirm another…”

Star Trek: Discovery theories – week 3

“Discovery Season 3 continues to be fascinating, and thus ripe for finding new and interesting theories. I love that the story is still a mystery even after three episodes, and there are so many different ways it could unfold – including many I can’t even predict or imagine…”

Star Trek: Discovery theories – week 2

“From a theory-crafting point of view, Far From Home didn’t offer up as many new theories as the first episode, but there are still a handful of new ones coming on board – and a single debunking!”

Star Trek: Discovery theories – week 1

“The season premiere offered up several points for theory-crafting – and also managed to debunk a couple of pre-season theories that I had!”

Season 1-2 Episode Re-watches:

I watched Seasons 1 and 2 when they were broadcast – but it was before I founded this website! I hope to eventually write up re-watches of every episode, though, so watch this space!

Season 3 Buildup:

Below you’ll find a collection of articles that I wrote in the run-up to Season 3’s 2020 premiere.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 wishlist

“I do have some theories for how the backstory and narrative of Season 3 will play out, but these are more general points that I hope are included. It’s a wishlist from a fan, nothing more…”

Star Trek: Discovery – the road to Season 3

“With the new season imminent I thought it would be a good idea to briefly recap what came before, and explain how Michael Burnham and the USS Discovery came to leave the 23rd Century behind…”

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 – what is the Burn?

“Perhaps most importantly, we don’t know what the Burn is or what caused it. Fixing a problem requires understanding what the problem is and why it happened, so it will be absolutely essential for Burnham and the crew to figure this out…”

Let’s take a look at the second Discovery Season 3 trailer

“Taken as a whole, Discovery’s third season looks different to what we had before in terms of its setting, but also familiar. Burnham still seems to be the main focus of the plot, with the rest of the crew there to help out…”

Star Trek: Picard Season 1 theory roundup!

“In a way, part of the fun of theory-crafting and speculating is knowing that you won’t always get it right… and boy oh boy did I have some seriously wrong theories!”

Another look at the Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 trailer

“Star Trek’s website and official Facebook page have chosen to republish the trailer, and while it isn’t exactly clear why they’ve done so (or why now), it does present us with a good excuse to take another look and see what we can gleam…”

Season 3 of Discovery – when is it set?

“If we’re to believe the ending of the second season of Discovery, the ship and crew have travelled into the far future – the late 32nd or early 33rd Century…”