Guten Tag, Bonjour, Jambo! Welcome to crazy town!

Howdy, partners! I’m Dennis and I reckon this here’s my website. This is just a test post to get started and make sure the site’s working as it should. But while you’re here, I’ll give you a brief overview of what you can expect from me if you stick around.

I’m not a critic, at least not a professional one. I’m an ex-writer who used to work in the games industry doing marketing and website work. The point of this blog for me, very selfishly I suppose, is to have a place to throw out my unsolicited opinions on films, games, and television series. That’s what I’ll try and stick to mostly, and I’ll do my best to keep politics out of things because god knows there’s enough of that going around.

While some of my posts here will stray into reviews, that’s not really my main purpose and if you’re looking for someone to give you the lowdown on upcoming films, that probably won’t be me.

Some of the franchises I like most are, in no particular order: Star Trek, Star Wars, The Expanse, Firefly, Lord of the Rings, Disney, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, The Simpsons, The 100, Rick & Morty, Mass Effect, Halo, Uncharted, and I’m sure a metric fuckton of others that I’m forgetting.

Unpopular opinion #1: The Last Jedi was a decent film. Not perfect, and probably not reaching the heights it hoped for, but decent nevertheless.

Unpopular opinion #2: Star Trek Discovery is a decent show. Again not perfect, but overall a sound product with some real high points.

I mention these things because they tie into my most important point: I may be critical, at times, of some films and series. But in general, I’d rather see them being made. In the mid-2000s it seemed like Star Trek had died and wasn’t coming back, and that was really not a good feeling as someone who loves that franchise. The JJ-verse films and Discovery may not be perfect, and they certainly aren’t carbon copies of TOS, TNG, or other shows, but they’re keeping the franchise alive and bringing in new fans and that’s a great thing. My next post will hopefully be a critique of the first few episodes of Disney’s The Mandalorian, and while I have to say at this point I’m underwhelmed by that show, I’m still glad it’s here and I’m genuinely pleased to see how it’s bringing fans back to the franchise, as well as bringing new folks in.

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to seeing you next time here in crazy town.